Scandals and weird statues dominate the Japan Buzzword Awards for 2018

Annual ranking takes a look back at the things the Internet was discussing the most in Japan this year.

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J-Pop group Tokio suspected in the sudden construction of a super-long noodle slide

If you’ve ever experienced summer in Japan, you are familiar with the swampy hell-like conditions that force the entire country to be extremely creative with ways to stay cool. One of the most delicious ways to escape the temperature is to enjoy some summer Japanese treats like ice-cold somen noodles.

But why just eat your cold noodles in a little cup when you can grab them while they barrel down at high speeds down a bamboo slide? It’s called “nagashisomen” and a city in Hiroshima Prefecture recently woke up to discover a gigantic one constructed at a local temple. And rumor had it the noodle slide was built for an upcoming TV shot by the J-Pop superstar group Tokio.

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