Toxic bubble froth in Bangalore catches fire, raises environmental flags for the second time

This is one bubble bath that you’ll never want to take a dip in.

Locals in Bangalore, India are calling for immediate action after foam which had accumulated on Bellandur Lake, the biggest lake in the city, was blown onto streets and even caught fire for the second time in only a few months. While experiencing a gigantic bubble bath outside of your bathtub may seem like a fun idea at first, the foam that is spewing out from Bellandur Lake is actually toxic in nature and supposedly has a terrible stench.

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Second Milky White River Discovered in China, No Signs of Life in Water

Water pollution is quickly becoming the most pressing concern for Chinese citizens.  Stories have been flowing in about all sorts of things from sex dolls to OD victims have been found floating around in China’s rivers.

The previous incidences have all had relatively happy endings. This time however, a milky white river in Jiangsu city may hold more chilling implications for the local residents.

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