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How to safely apprehend a chikan pervert and protect women from being groped on a Japanese train

Helpful guide from a Japanese man who’s stepped in to stop groping on more than one occasion

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How to stop a chikan pervert from groping on a Japanese train

Japanese commuter shares a simple solution that works. 

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8 types of chikan perverts found on Japanese trains

From the weird to the very weird and unsettling.

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Chikan molester runs away from Japanese schoolgirls at train station in Japan【Video】

Schoolgirls fight back after man gropes student’s breasts inside train.

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New anti-chikan cellphone stickers let you mark train gropers with sign of shame

As you probably know, Japan is infamous for chikanpeople who grope others in crowded areas, like crowded trains and buses. As you also probably know, Japan has a long history of doing things in bizarre and not-very-effective ways.

So what do we get when the two come together? Ridiculous anti-chikan stickers for cell phones put out by the Saitama Prefecture Police department. And these aren’t just stickers you’re supposed to use to keep potential chikan away, these are stickers you’re meant to use offensively! Ka-pow!

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Guilty and NEVER Proven Innocent – Every Male Train Rider’s Nightmare in Japan

Tales of subway groping are unfortunately commonplace in Japan, and anyone committing such a pathetic and cowardly act deserves every punishment given. But what happens if you are falsely accused? Often filled well beyond capacity, there is a real possibility of such a thing happening if you ride the trains running throughout Japan’s major urban centers. No matter your innocence, with a 99 percent conviction rate should the case go to court, one Tokyo lawyer says the best thing to do if wrongly accused is, run

Attorney Takashi Nozawa provides the following advice to anyone who might find themselves caught up in this nightmarish, no-win situation.
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