visually impaired

Japanese survey reveals over 60 percent of blind people with guide dogs get turned away by shops

Netizens debate on whether to allow assistance dogs into public spaces in Japan.

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Affordable glasses that help blind people understand text now receiving crowdfunding support

A simple concept that will forever change the lives of the visually impaired.

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3-D color printer used to bring Hokusai’s masterpiece to life for visually impaired

If you are a sighted person with an internet connection, chances are you have seen Katsushika Hokusai’s famous painting Mount Fuji Seen Below a Wave at Kanagawa at some point. Despite the clunky title, it is one of the most recognized pieces of Japanese art ever.

Now, thanks to 3-D printing, a company called K’s Design Lab, and Tsutaya’s bookstore-cum-lounge property T-Site, visually impaired art lovers too will soon be able to see this work by literally getting their hands on it.

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