Stay home in style with Kyoto-easy hakama-inspired roomwear for men, women, and kids【Photos】

Clever design combines fashionable looks with pajama-level comfort.

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Japanese “Rainbow Fire” lets you camp in style with multicolored flames!【Photos】

We highly suggest only seeing, and not tasting, this particular rainbow.

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Japan’s leading maker of giant cat heads needs your help!

Donate to the Japan Wool Art Academy’s crowdfunding and get a great deal on wearable giant wool cat heads and more.

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New Japanese furisode kimono sweaters combine traditional fashion with modern streetwear

The comfiest Japanese kimono you’ll ever wear.

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Affordable glasses that help blind people understand text now receiving crowdfunding support

A simple concept that will forever change the lives of the visually impaired.

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New Japanese “friendfunding” app lets you ask your pals for money crowdfunding-style

Platform allows you to set up projects that only your friends can contribute funds to.

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Cooking Rice on a Campfire is Easier Than You Might Think【You, Me, And A Tanuki】

You, Me, And a Tanuki is a weekly featured blog run by Michelle, a Californian who is currently one of only two foreigners living in Chibu, a tiny fishing village on one of the Oki islands in Japan. Check back every weekend for a new post or read more on her website here!

When I went on a camping trip last summer with the junior high students that I regularly teach, there were many things that surprised me. For example, we lit fireworks (sometimes firing them at each other), took a night walk to a creepy overgrown shrine, and stabbed snails at the bottom of the sea.

But the thing that caught my interest the most was the way they cooked rice while camping.

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