waking up

Have trouble waking up on time? New Japanese app Mezamee will charge you when you sleep in

“Oh no, my breakfast money!”

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Japanese Twitter user shows off cell phone alarm, we all nod in sad agreement

Hey, it’s Monday! Aren’t you excited to be back at work? We sure are! Of course, writing at RocketNews24 is probably the coolest job you can get, so maybe our experience is slightly different…

But even if you do love your job, waking up in the morning can still be a pain, can’t it? Now, some of you are probably those mythical “morning people,” who wake up without an alarm and are actually capable of speech without three cups of coffee and a cold shower. But for the rest of you, we bet you need an alarm clock or three to wake you up. If so, this tweet will have you nodding your sleepy head.

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