Adorable mandrake root plushie that screams when you pull it out of its pot could be yours soon

It’s still a prototype, but it’s garnered enough interest that it might become a full product!

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New Japanese gadget guards valuables in public places, lets you leave them safely unattended

Just plop it onto anything you want to protect and it’ll alert you immediately when someone touches it.

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Japanese portable alarm to keep laptops safe when working from a cafe smashes crowdfunding goal

Clever design means you never have to manually turn the alarm on or off.

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Start your day with a wake up call from Re:Zero’s Emilia or Rem!

The recently released Re:Zero Alarm smartphone app fulfils your dreams of taking Emilia or Rem to bed.

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Japanese Twitter user shows off cell phone alarm, we all nod in sad agreement

Hey, it’s Monday! Aren’t you excited to be back at work? We sure are! Of course, writing at RocketNews24 is probably the coolest job you can get, so maybe our experience is slightly different…

But even if you do love your job, waking up in the morning can still be a pain, can’t it? Now, some of you are probably those mythical “morning people,” who wake up without an alarm and are actually capable of speech without three cups of coffee and a cold shower. But for the rest of you, we bet you need an alarm clock or three to wake you up. If so, this tweet will have you nodding your sleepy head.

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Heightened Sensibilities Regarding Child Safety Get a Man Written up for Asking Directions

An elementary school-aged girl in Aichi prefecture is believed to have reported a man to the police late last week when he stopped her to ask for directions to the station.

Most elementary aged children in Japan make their way to and from school on foot, with each’s child’s route kept on file at the school office to ensure their safety. Children are also arranged into small groups or have walking buddies who take the same route, and local Parent Teacher Associations ensure that there is always someone manning busy intersections each morning to help the children cross the street and keep any eye open for anything suspicious.

Kids are taught the safety rules of not only the road, but also how to prevent becoming victims of crime. Of course, talking to strangers is out of the question, but they are also encouraged to report anything ‘out of the ordinary’. On occasions such as these, the ‘suspicious characters’ are reported, and a letter goes out informing parents about the time and place of the sighting, as well as the physical description of the shifty-looking individual.

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