When Mr. Satoh needs to get his heart pumping, he walks. He runs. He jogs, and he does a wealth of other physical activities.

But when he really needs a kick-start to get things going, he does what he calls “Squat-Walking.”

The freelance writer’s revolutionary style of walking involves crossing the hands in front of the body and then reaching down and grabbing the back of each ankle. Once Satoh is in this squatting position, he wobbles forward slowly, much like a Goomba from the Super Mario Brothers video games.

“It’s refreshing and really gets me going,” Satoh said.

But is it healthy?

“I have no idea,” Satoh said. “It just makes me feel all right.”

Satoh reportedly did Squat-Walking every day in his younger years, but the toll of time on his body has limited him to doing it only when he needs that extra boost these days.

Pictures: RocketNews24