If you like old-school video games and loving fiddling around with bits of Lego, then this is something that you absolutely need to see.

These scenes from Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and even action platformer Mega Man are all made out of Lego, placed carefully, brick by brick, onto a backboard to create startlingly accurate 8-bit graphic art. Needless to say we’re sold already, and haven’t even asked their maker how much he wants for them yet.

“Just a simple idea,” creator Brian Stark writes on his site displaying the his blocky portraits, “LEGO + NES. On your wall.”

It may be simple, Brian, but the best ideas often are, and Lego lends itself perfectly to the chunky, angular nature of 8-bit video game graphics, making these portraits look exactly like their digital originals.

Available to buy over on nesbrick, Brian has four different designs to choose from, with a DuckTales piece also in the works.

There’s Link holding the triforce aloft in The Legend of Zelda,

zelda gif


Raccoon Mario from Super Mario Bros 3,

mario gif


Mega Man doing what he does best (spoiler: shoot stuff),


Metroid‘s Samus Aran,


And finally, the soon-to-be-available Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales.


All of the pieces are available to buy online, costing US$130-150 each, and word has it that their maker is also planning to release building instructions for those who wish to put together their own.

Brian, you’re the man, and if you’re taking requests, we’d love to see some classic Donkey Kong action the next time you have some free time and a few hundred Lego bricks to spare!

Source: Nesbrick via Game Informer
Photos/GIFs via Nesbrick