Everyone knows JAL and ANA, but have you heard the name “StarFlyer” while strolling through Haneda Airport? StarFlyer boasts a fleet of fashionable aircraft featuring all-black exteriors and cabin interiors. The first sight of a bitchin’ all-black airplane zooming down the runway will take anyone’s breath away.

StarFlyer planes travel most between Tokyo and Kita-Kyushu, but the airline added flights between Tokyo and Fukuoka on July 1. I flew to Fukuoka on business last month, so I figured I’d give StarFlyer a try. Other than the stunning black of the body and interior, I took note of six features of StarFlyer planes:


1. LCD Monitors

LCD monitors built into the backs of every seat feature music channels, video channels, maps and more. The map channel shows the flight path toward the destination and other such information. The monitors are free to use about two minutes after the landing gear is stowed after takeoff.

2. Adjustable Headrests and Footrests

The headrest is adjustable in many places, and the footrests can be adjusted to three different levels.

3. Power Outlets

You can charge your mobile phone or PC on StarFlyer planes, and they also have rechargeable phone batteries onboard.

4. Cocktail Tables

Unoccupied center seats can be used as cocktail tables.

5. Tully’s Coffee and Other Free Drinks

Order away, it’s all free! Choose from Tully’s Coffee, Wilkinson Ginger Ale, Minestrone, Hita Tenryosui Tea, apple juice and more.

6. Leather Seats

All seats are made of the kind of leather you find on smaller planes flying to Europe or Southeast Asia, not the cloth that you are used to in Economy Class.


The all-black interior of the plane created an exquisite atmosphere. If I had to come up with one negative point, it’s that dirt tends to pop out on anything black, but I suppose there’s not much StarFlyer can do about that.

In sum, airlines that offer these kinds of amenities and services at relatively affordable prices are few and far between. StarFlyer is enjoying positive reviews on its three routes between Tokyo and Kita-Kyushu, Tokyo and Fukuoka, and Tokyo and Osaka. I recommend StarFlyer for your next domestic trip – you won’t regret trying this unique experience.

Pictures: RocketNews24