It’s well known that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away on October 5th last year, was a huge fan of Japanese food, and not just high-end sashimi and sushi, either. He reportedly enjoyed more quotidian fare like hearty udon noodles.

He even went so far as to develop his own Japan-inspired menu item for Apple’s company cafeteria, Cafe Mac. But is it really any good?

The dish is called Sashimi Soba, and judging from pictures we found on the internet, it’s just slices of raw tuna and salmon slapped on top of some cold buckwheat noodles. All that is easily available here in Japan, so we decided to whip some up right away.

We boiled the buckwheat noodles, poured a little tsuyu sauce over them, and topped them off with some sashimi slices and a little dried seaweed. And done!

Our first impression on the taste? Weird. Just… weird. If you ate the soba and sashimi separately, they would probably taste fine, but the combination is bizarre. It’s not really bad, just weird.

Jobs was certainly skilled as coming up with ideas for consumer electronics, but his creative skills probably didn’t extend to the kitchen. I’m sure there are some fanboys who will insist it’s delicious because they love everything that comes from Apple, but perhaps you should give it a try and see if your Mac adoration goes that far.
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