The following stories are true; only the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent – mostly myself.

Last month, an up and coming adult video star, let’s call her Savanna Bubbles, released her debut video which was number one with a bullet.  This girl had everything the industry craves with a knockout combination of being innocent faced and fully stacked.

As with most actresses in these types of movies, Savanna’s personal information was kept to a minimum of her age and what type of school she went to.  This was in an effort to keep away any unwanted admirers of her work.

However, with only a few innocent tweets her most avid fans were able to get too close for comfort to Savanna.  After posting some innocuous comments about trips she was taking to Osaka or campus sporting events, readers were able to match the dates with various school calendars available online.

After that several rabid fans had actually contacted her real school asking if she was enrolled there.  Now Savanna’s future is unclear but I wouldn’t be surprised if a relocation is in the works.

Before you go thinking that this is just a one-time thing, just this February another adult video star, 20 year-old um Raven Amoré, had some of her personal information revealed.  Her video company described her as being a student of a major university in Tokyo only for the truth that she was a student of a major Kyoto university med school to be laid bare.  Currently an injunction is being sought to have distribution of Raven’s video stopped.

So the moral of the story, boys and girls, is that whether you are an adult actress, politician, or just some Joe Blow, when you put anything on Twitter, you never know who is on the other end reading it and what they will do with your words or information, so tweet safely.

Source: Zakzak (Japanese)