This month, beverage maker Kirin announced that it will be releasing the first ever health food cola on April 24th. The drink will be called Kirin Mets Cola. No connection to the MLB team, although fans will find the font suspiciously familiar.

According to the company, the drink contains an indigestible form dextrin sometimes used as a fiber supplement, which restricts the body’s ability to absorb fat while eating. It contains no sweeteners and has strong carbonation for a refreshing feel. They also claim that blood tests performed in house after consuming the beverage prove the drink keeps levels of neutral fats low after eating.

An increasing health consciousness, particularly among 30-something males, combined with the indisputable fact that high-calorie, delicious foods like hamburgers, pizza and chips just cry out for a cola accompaniment, has led to the development of this fat-busting drink. The company says their target demographic is guys who love cola but are worried about their weight, as well as former customers who have stopped buying soft drinks for health reasons. With Mets Cola, they hope to welcome them back with open arms.

You’ll be able to spot this dieter’s delight when it hits stores by its eye-catching red logo on a black field. The suggested retail price is 150 yen, or about $1.80, for a 480mL bottle.

Source: SankeiBiz
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