Electric chopsticks that make low-salt food taste salty developed by Meiji University

Experimental utensils make food shockingly delicious.

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Japan’s most popular beers, according to 70 million customers

Is your favourite Japanese beer on the list?

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Sugar-free beer coming from Kirin this October

Now we just need some sugar-free skittles and we’re set.

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The sad story of the Japanese vending machine set to disappear at the end of the year

A little bit of history gone forever as Kirin puts an end to a beloved mainstay.

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Kirin gives us a clue on how to get a bottle of its skyrocketing-price whisky for cheap

Online prices for the soon-disappearing Fuji-sanroku Tarajuku Genshu 50 doubled in a day, but there’s still hope for those with shallow pockets.

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Kirin will stop selling one of its most popular whiskies as Japanese spirit shortage continues

Sales of more expensive substitute will continue as normal, though.

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Japan travel on a budget: Top 20 free attractions around the country, compiled by TripAdvisor

Enjoy some of the best tourist sites and experiences around the country without spending a single yen.

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Japan to stop brewing Budweiser beer this year…Wait, Japan makes Budweiser?!?

Here’s your last chance to taste made-in-Japan Budweiser.

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7-Eleven thrills Japan by announcing self-serve draft beer machines, then breaks our hearts

Shockingly, a Japanese company deems it’s possible for it to be too easy for people to get beer.

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Kirin beer to give away 1,000 Curry Fountains, Japanese people think they look like poops

Finally, curry the way its meant to be eaten: cascading.

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Great news: New study shows beer may help curb Alzheimer’s

If you’re looking to stave off dementia, it’s Miller time!

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Japanese commercial explaining how to greet a foreigner accused of racism

A Kirin “Rich Green Tea” ad teaching Japanese people the appropriate way to greet foreigners attracted some criticism online, with some calling it racist.

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Kirin tea drinks now available in adorable and artistic mix and match Disney labels!

Step into a convenience store in Japan, and you’ll find no shortage of tea drinks—and not just Japanese green tea either. You’ll have a wide variety to choose from, including oolong tea, barley tea, jasmine tea and English-style straight, lemon or milk tea. And one of the most well-known tea drinks in Japan has to be the Gogo no Kocha (Afternoon Tea) line of products from major beverage manufacturer Kirin.

Well, the folks at Kirin have apparently decided to make their popular “Gogo-tea” drinks, as they’re sometimes called in Japan, into something artistic and playful as well. It’s the “Disney Design Label” line of their Gogo no Kocha drinks, and with these, you’ll actually be able to mix, match and play with the bottles!

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Kirin Beer to begin service delivering kegs directly to your door, kegstands discouraged

Kirin Beer, the Kirin Beverage Company subsidiary unsurprisingly in charge of manufacturing and selling the company’s signature lines of beer, announced yesterday that it will begin offering a service starting from August that will see a beer server and kegs delivered to individual households in the Tokyo area on demand. 

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Kirin to release line of 1% drinks, we’re not entirely sure why either

After conducting a survey of people’s drinking habits, beverage-maker Kirin discovered that Japanese people in their 20s just weren’t drinking as much as their elders. While for many this would be an optimistic sign that the younger generation is becoming a group of sober and hardworking members of society, for those in the alcohol business it’s a sucker punch to the bottom line.

So, in an effort to keep younger drinkers off the wagon, Kirin is meeting them 99 percent of the way by offering a line of drinks aptly named “Butterfly” which contain only one percent of alcohol by volume.

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Kirin promotes new alcohol by filming rural people with pigeon-shaped drones… because they can

Japanese brewery Kirin unveiled a new campaign for their Off White brand of imitation beer products known as happoshu. To help promote their cheaper beer substitute, Kirin will be dispatching six drones painted like pigeons to fly around and record the people of Taketa City in Oita Prefecture.

We can’t promise you we’ll succeed but we’re sure as heck going to try and find a link between drones, a rural community, and an alcoholic beverage produced to take advantage of a tax loophole.

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Bluebeard!?!? Oh, blue BEER? Yeah, that’s still weird…

Green beer is a staple of St. Patrick’s Day, much to the chagrin of the Irish. White beers, amber beers and dark beers are all pretty common, but blue beer? Thought that was just a one-off kind of thing. We’ve got blueberries, blue fins, bluegills, bluegrass, blue balls, blueprints and blue men. Blue beer is not all that common, and unless you live in Hokkaido (or are a curious internet shopper) you probably haven’t tried it either. Fear not! While the Ryuhyo Draft reviews were not all that positive, a Kirin beer garden in Tokyo wants you to sample their blue beer until the end of July!

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George Clooney appears in Kirin beer ad, sounds a bit like Batman when he speaks Japanese

As we’ve seen before, Hollywood stars who ordinarily wouldn’t be seen dead in a commercial in their homeland for fear of damaging their reputation as a serious actor aren’t quite so shy when it comes to commercials in Japan. With Japanese companies eager to push stacks of cash stars’ way in exchange for endorsing their products, occasionally a big-name actor will pop up on billboards over the famous Shibuya scramble intersection and on primetime TV.

This week, smirking silver fox George Clooney follows in Leonardo DiCaprio‘s footsteps by lending his face to a Japanese commercial, in this case one for Kirin Brewery Company’s Green Label brand of beer. Clooney is no stranger to ads even at home, but Kirin’s commercial – which sees the actor painting a house and communicating with a small bird – is kind of an odd one, partly because it doesn’t have an awful lot to do with beer, and partly because, to our ears at least, Clooney appears to be channeling Christian Bale’s Batman for his single word of Japanese dialogue.

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Kirin announces its entry into the peculiar new hot fizzy drinks market

It’s barely even autumn and yet Japan’s beverage makers are showing off their new winter warmers. Hot on the heels of Coca Cola’s Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale, Japan’s Kirin drinks company has unveiled a new hot version of its popular carbonated drink, Kirin no Awa.

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Drink up and smile with this cute limited edition line of tea from Kirin!

Can you guess whose cute little bottoms these are? If you’re a Disney fan, chances are you already have a good idea. Well, I chanced upon these bottles recently in a convenience store, and they were so cute I just had to buy them all! And if these adorably packaged bottles just happened to contain a nice cool drink, so much the better, especially since the drink was a unique type of tea I had never tasted before.

But first of all, let’s take a look at the face of the characters who are showing their lovable derrieres for all the world to see:

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