Here in Japan, people are just as excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out in December as the rest of the world. (Yes, this writer is all geared up to go see Episode VII in warm and comfy Darth Vader UGG boots come December.) People are so excited, in fact, that Kirin is releasing two Star Wars-themed carbonated drinks next month! Star Wars fans in Japan will be delighted to hear that the major Japanese beverage manufacturer is collaborating with the movie franchise in releasing the “Kirin Mets Red Force” and “Kirin Mets Blue Force” on November 10, and we think the concept behind the drinks is actually quite cool!


In case you’re not familiar with the drink, Kirin Mets is a line of Japanese soda drinks that has been available in different fruit flavors for over 30 years (and known for their fun and zany TV commercials). They’ve even started offering a healthy Mets Cola drink that contains a supplement that apparently helps prevent fat absorption, which has become a hit product in Japan.

This time, though, the new Mets drinks will be all about the Force. Inspired by upcoming Episode VII, the drinks have each been created to capture the essence of the “Dark Side” and the “Light Side” of the Force respectively.

The “Kirin Mets Red Force” comes in a striking red package, the theme color of the Sith and the Dark Side, and since Kirin is apparently trying to be health conscious, the drink contains the amino acids arginine and ornithine. They’ve also spiced up the soda with red pepper flavor, and the drink is strongly carbonated for a hot and zesty aftertaste.

▼ The label reads, “Spice-charged carbonated drink“.

Kirin Red

The second drink, “Kirin Mets Blue Force,” comes in the cool blue of the Jedi and the Light Side. This soda is also strongly carbonated and contains Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA), with a “green leaf” flavor to give it a refreshing sweetness.

▼The label reads, “Invigorating carbonated freshness“.

Kirin Blue

And perhaps the best part for fans is that both drinks will each come in packages featuring different characters from the movie!


Both sodas will come in a 480-milliliter (approx. 16-ounce) bottle, priced at 140 yen (US$1.16).

These drinks will certainly help get us psyched up for the release of the movie, and we have a feeling fans will be making multiple trips to the supermarket or convenience stores to collect all 10 bottles. We certainly hope the Force is with you while you enjoy the Blue and Red drinks!

Source and photos: Kirin Company news release and Kirin Company special campaign page