A life-sized figure of manga and anime character Fujiko
Mine has been drawing criticism from fans on the Web.
Comments have ranged from “Why did they make her like that?” to the more succinct, “Who the hell is that?” Apparently, she’s looking a bit off-color.

The figure was made as part of the 40th anniversary commemorations of the television premier of the popular Lupin the Third series, which included turning Lupin and his cohorts into full-size, three-dimensional artworks for the first time.

Although the aesthetics of the series have changed a lot since that first episode, with a price tag of 504,000 yen (about $6360) and the alluring description “high-quality life-sized figure” attached, fans had high hopes. But the response of pretty much everyone who has seen a photo of poor Fujiko is “What the…?” It’s a classic case of butterface. Most people seem pleased with the design of her body, but the lacquering and strange molding of her face give them a creepy feeling.

If that description hasn’t put you off and you’d still like a Fujiko of your own to cuddle with or whatever, I’m afraid you are out of luck. Orders are no longer being taken. But don’t lose hope. When the figures are delivered in July, some disgruntled customers may be quickly posting her for sale online and you can scoop her up on the rebound.

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