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You’ll need a full-time job to pay for this full-size anime schoolgirl model.

If you’re a English-speaking anime fan you probably associate the name Aniplex with high prices, and with good reason. Whereas most international anime distributors adjust their prices in overseas territories to bring them more in line with local marketplace norms, Aniplex has no qualms about selling its anime overseas at the same exorbitantly high prices physical media goes for in Japan.

In the company’s defense, Aniplex usually offers a high-quality product, with box sets of recent hits packed with extras. The company seems to be following a similar strategy with its newest piece of merchandise, a life-size figure of Megumi Kato from light novel and anime series Saekano (also known as Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata or How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend).

Based on an illustration by series character designer Kurehito Misaki, the figure stands 158 centimeters (62.2 inches) tall.

▼ For reference, Mr. Aniplex Plus Face has a height of 165 centimeters.

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As you’d expect from Aniplex, the figure is lovingly crafted and beautifully painted, with extra care put into the areas that are sure to receive the most scrutiny from Megumi’s adoring fans.

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Also par for the Aniplex course is the figure’s pricing and availability. Just 10 will be made available, with the winners of a drawing being given the right to purchase the full-scale Miss Kato. Applications can be placed here through the Aniplex Plus online store (you’ll also need to make an Aniplex Plus account).

And the price tag is just as eye-popping as the figure’s size: 1,980,000 yen (US$16,500), which is thankfully inclusive of 146,667 yen in sales tax.

Applications for the drawing are being accepted between now and midnight on February 14, which is perfect for otaku who get dumped on Valentine’s Day and suddenly find themselves with no more wallet-busting dating to do. Winners will be notified by email sometime after 6 p.m. on February 29, with delivery scheduled for June.

Oh, and Aniplex specifically states that purchases are limited to one per customer, which seems like a wise rule. After all, you’ll need to save some space in your living room for other life-size anime girl models, right?

Source: Aniplex Plus via Jin
Images: Aniplex Plus