Want to let off some steam by throwing dangerous sporting equipment at expensive entertainment devices? Want to indulge your destructive, decadent side while testing your fine motor skills and depth perception? “Play Darts!” is the perfect iPhone app for you.

Play Darts! (“Daatsu Ni Shiyagare!”) is a new kind of game application that links iPhones to Smart TVs or computers. The user “throws” a dart shown on his iPhone to a target displayed on a distant Smart TV or PC by moving the iPhone through the air the same way he would throw an actual dart. The game is available for free on iTunes for users with iOS 4.3 or newer.

Play Darts! allows users to create their own virtual darts by cutting out any image from their phone. For example, the woman in the pictures chose a chicken wing. Acceleration sensors determine the velocity of the dart and the place it will land on (or off) the board depending on how the iPhone moves through the air. Media Technology Labs, a division of Recruit Co. Ltd., tried their best to make the game feel as much like real darts as possible by placing emphasis on the subtle movements of the user’s arm.

Users need to visit dartsmart.tv to configure the smart TV or computer they want to use to play.

Free download from iTunes here

Source: IT Media Gadget