What ever happened to the days of cars that weighed several tons, burned obscene amounts of fuel and had some style and personality to them.  Most cars these days look like blandly colored Tylenol gelcaps devoid of any of the raw machismo of their forefathers.

That’s why Mitsubishi’s third annual My i-MiEV Design Wrapping line of i-MiEV electric cars deserves applause for bringing some personality and more importantly testosterone automobiles once again.

First let’s start with one of their most basic wrapping designs called Electro.  On the side appears a graphic of a power cord.  Long and mighty, that cords looks ready to penetrate deep into some socket to get its much needed juice, oh yeah!

Although the cord logo can be seen in all their designs it looks simply fabulous in the Happy Time one.  Here the typically flaccid cord manages to erect itself into a mighty arc full of power and energy that anyone would like to get their hands on, am I right guys?

Maybe that’s not enough for some of the more hardcore gearheads out there, so Mitsubishi is offering Seven Colors.  Yes the seven most powerful colors in the world are arranged in a rainbow shape along the rear fender, and we all know what rainbows represent right?

Of course we do. Rainbows were the war bow of the mighty god Quzaħ in Arabian mythology.  Surely when cruising around town in this rough rider everyone will know that you are one bad mamma-jamma.

The war god Quzaħ still isn’t enough?  In that case, Mitsubishi has called in the epitome of masculinity, Hello Kitty.  While Hello Kitty is widely known as Japan’s ambassador of cuteness, she was rather famous as an underground shootfighter in ’82 too.  This car is also decorated with 6 ribbons each representing an opponent she killed in the ring.

All you guys out there are undoubtedly chomping at the bit to try on all these designs, but don’t worry.  On the i-MiEV website you can try out all the available patterns with different colors.  Mitsubishi is clearly right on point with their largest consumer base as they know how much guys love trying out endless combinations of colors and patterns while shopping.

Source: i-MiEV Design Wrapping via My Navi (Japanese)