They don’t mess around in Italy. Next to the regular french fries on the McDonald’s menu, you’ll find Miami Fries. Customers regularly substitute these fries with the combo sets.

At first glance, these fries resemble ridge-cut potato chips. They’re relatively thin, but thick enough that when you bite into them, there’s a nice chewiness. They’re also wider and have more surface area than regular fries, so there’s more outer crispiness to enjoy before getting to the moist insides.

You might think that more surface area means more oil that’s been soaked up, but to our delight we found that there was virtually no greasiness. Nice! As long as you’re not on a totally strict diet, if you’re in Italy, we definitely recommend checking out these fries!

Also, in Rome, a unique McDonald’s recently opened with some unique features: “… the separate gelato bar and the “Coffee and Sweet” bar, where you can have an espresso or cappuccino and brioche for a little over one euro… [plus,] caprese salads (tomato and mozzarella) and the il Mac (hamburger on a Panini bun).”

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