junk food

Packets of powder become freshly picked strawberries in latest adult Nerunerunerune

This ain’t your kids’ strawberry candy.

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Lawson selling a pastry based on a pastry based on a uniquely Osakan pastry

Good bakers copy, great bakers steal.

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Make your junk food more wholesome with homemade no-fry Jagarico croquettes【SoraKitchen】

Just like mom used to reconstitute.

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Wagyu Burger opens in Tokyo, serving up highest-grade beef at reasonable prices

A5 Wagyu is just the start of what makes this is a burger to remember.

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Who eats the most cheese beef bowls? Not young, dorky men, survey says


Take that, stereotypes!

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Wasabeef Wars: mascot change sparks online controversy among potato chip lovers

How does the saying go again? Something something… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

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We try the giant Meat Mountain pizza sandwich from Aoki’s Japan

We get the meat sweats while conquering a four-pound mountain packed with 18 different types of meat.

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Japan now has a giant pizza sandwich called Meat Mountain, packed with 18 different types of meat

A mountain we can definitely conquer.

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KFC Japan’s version of Double Down to return soon, sends junk food fans to decadent paradise

Why let carbs get in your way when you can have meat, meat, and more meat?

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Coming soon to Japan: Chilled sweet bean ice candy flavored potato chips…with salt!

Two titans of junk food join forces for the ultimate summer snack.

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We try Japan’s new “wet potato chips” — A moist revolution or soggy defeat?

Snack food company Calbee is playing with fire by expecting people to swallow their new concept potato chips: “Wet Potato, Moist Mild Soy Sauce Flavor.”

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Taste the beginning of the end for Japanese Ritz: Wasabi & Cheddar / Tarako & Cream Cheese

Only a few months remain until the Ritz franchise in Japan changes hands and production is shifted overseas. Perhaps this is why we’re being treated to some distinctly Japanese flavors.

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We try the new, limited edition squid viscera potato chips from Japan【Taste Test】

Do you have the guts to try these fermented squid gut-flavored potato chips?

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Butter Ping Cuisine! The newest gross Japanese food trend that’s taking over Twitter!

Raw fish, seaweed, fresh vegetables, small portions – Japanese people all eat so healthily, right?

WRONG. The newest trend among Japan’s foodie Twitter users involves putting a knob of butter on, er, pretty much anything and melting it in the microwave – voila, “Butter Ping Cuisine”!

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Like Japan’s plum blossoms, pickled plum and cheese tortilla chips are tragically fleeting

Japanese cuisine is often known for its subtle tastes which some might criticize as being downright “bland.” But there are some exceptions, one of which is umeboshi. This is a dried and pickled ume fruit which is a cross between a plum and an apricot. Umeboshi are very popular in Japan and have a sour and salty taste that will slap you in the face harder than a scorned lover.

By now you’re probably be thinking, “That vinegary plum sounds great! But what it really needs is some cheese mixed in.” Well, you’re in luck! Frito Lay Japan is way ahead of you and just released Ume & Cheese flavored tortilla chips. We sat down with a bag to see how this combination plays out in chip form.

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A farewell to fries: Twitter users document their last meal of L-size Mcdonald’s potato snacks

As we recently reported, McDonald’s has made the crushing decision to end the sale of its medium and large size fries. The controversial decision was made due to fears of a potato shortage, meaning that the days of gleefully ordering obnoxiously large amounts of fries with reckless abandon are now well and truly over. The potato cull prompted several Twitter users to head to McDonald’s for one last order of M and L size greasy, salty fries, in order to document their “last meal” for posterity.

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Nightmare food – Artist creates shockingly colorful portraits out of junk food

British artist James Ostrer created a series of artwork titled Junk Food Portraits by layering amounts of all of our most familiar junk foods on models. The result is at once stunning yet unnerving. While these surreal images are indeed vidid, we have to admit they made us think: is this really thing kind of thing we ought to be putting into our bodies? No wonder these portraits caught the eye of so many Japanese net users!

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Just in time for summer, Asahi to begin selling Mitsuya Cider served at a slushy -5℃

Hot on the heels of an announcement that cold and sugary foods are bad for your body, Asahi announced that they are releasing their coldest sugary drink to date. I’m willing to take the risk however, because summer in Japan can suck pretty hard and a sub-zero beverage would definitely hit the spot.

This new drink called “Mitsuya Freezing Cider,” turns to ice the moment you pop the cap. Sounds great but Asahi seems to have surprised netizens a little with their unique distribution plans.

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McD’s “Miami Fries”, Only in Italia! We Went to Have a Taste

They don’t mess around in Italy. Next to the regular french fries on the McDonald’s menu, you’ll find Miami Fries. Customers regularly substitute these fries with the combo sets. Read More

Stuck with left over bacon? Try a heavenly junk food creation – bacon + McDonald’s shake!

You may recall Mr. Sato’s brave challenge against the monster Burger King whopper with 1050 bacon strips. Not surprisingly, we had  a significant quantity of bacon left over after that episode, and we were wondering what to do with it. Well, we came up with a brilliant idea – chop the bacon into small pieces and mix it in McDonald’s vanilla shake for a completely original drink! Read More