Unboxing the McDonald’s French Fry Snack Maker【Review】

Will this retro toy turn out to be a cool gadget or worthless garbage?

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What’s inside the McDonald’s Big Smile Bag in Japan

All part of the chain’s Japan-exclusive 50th anniversary celebrations.

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We try McDonald’s Japan’s new teriyaki burgers

A celebration of local flavours to mark half a century of the Golden Arches.

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Original McDonald’s character Speedee makes a comeback in Japan

Before Ronald McDonald, Speedee was the mascot for the fast food chain, and now he’s back for a limited time. 

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McDonald’s Japan adds five teriyaki items to the menu, including fries and a spicy new burger

A celebration of traditional Japan, with some surprising new flavour combinations.

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Mos Burger’s new release takes raw onions to the extreme

Celebrating local produce with some very Japanese condiments.

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Mos Burger releases new teriyaki burger-flavored snack fries with a slight identity crisis

Is it a burger, fries, or something else entirely? We may have stumbled upon the first recognized case of burger-ception. 

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McDonald’s fries in Japan suddenly start tasting like cosmetics

Customers complain about a strange flavour and aroma in their medium-sized French fries.

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Internet cafe now offering free, all-you-can-eat bread and fries every morning to customers

Fill that tummy and start your day strong for zero yen.

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McDonald’s Japan is adding another spooky flavor to their Halloween Choco french fry lineup

You’ll go batty for this purple new flavor!

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Chocolate fries return to McDonald’s in Japan with an all-new pumpkin flavour for Halloween

Hot potato chips covered in pumpkin and chocolate sauce? According to our taste test, it’s like a delicious McDonald’s pumpkin pie!

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Sakura McFizz and fries with plum seasoning on sale now at McDonald’s

The pink-coloured items are a beautiful way to spruce up the menu for spring.

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Tokyo chain puts french fries on soba noodles, proves dreams really can come true

Ramen burgers. Bulgogi tacos. Cronuts. Sometimes the stars align and the gods see fit to bless the world with visionary new dishes–the kind that make people say, “Is that even possible?” Eventually, those same people end up wondering why no one came up with the concept sooner.

One of our Japanese writers was able to experience the joy of culinary experimentation firsthand during a recent trip to Tokyo’s Nadai Fuji Soba, which is now serving… wait for it… French fry soba! Though at first glance you might think someone spilled their Happy Meal over a plate of noodles, the tasty result is sure to make you a believer.

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A farewell to fries: Twitter users document their last meal of L-size Mcdonald’s potato snacks

As we recently reported, McDonald’s has made the crushing decision to end the sale of its medium and large size fries. The controversial decision was made due to fears of a potato shortage, meaning that the days of gleefully ordering obnoxiously large amounts of fries with reckless abandon are now well and truly over. The potato cull prompted several Twitter users to head to McDonald’s for one last order of M and L size greasy, salty fries, in order to document their “last meal” for posterity.

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Years of labor and millions of dollars finally yield amazing french fry vending machine

For many of the world’s greatest cuisines, there is a fine line separating a stellar example of a particular dish from a loathsome, gag-inducing failure. In the case of the humble french fry, that fine line is a few extra minutes from fryer to your eager food hole; let the fries sit for just a little too long and they transform before your eyes from hot, crunchy guilty pleasure to disgusting, squishy, limp waste of calories.

Apparently deeply affected by a soggy fry incident, the folks at China’s Beyondte Electronics Co., Ltd. set out to perfect a french fry vending machine that would produce hot, crunchy fries on the spot whenever you got a craving, eliminating the need to order them at your favorite fast food joint and carry them home and – a happy side effect – also eliminating the need to actually speak to another human being to get your fry fix.

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We Take the McDonald’s Potato Holder For a Test Ride

After our recent report on the April 24 release of the McDonald’s hands-free “potato holder,” we headed out and grabbed one for a test run.  Available for free with all large-size value sets, these plastic holders are only around for a limited time! But, with no car, how could we possibly do justice to the hands-free design, good for eating-on-the-go? That’s when we spotted our pink mama-chari (mama-chariot, a style of bicycle popular with mums in Japan) leaning against the wall of our driveway. With no shame whatsoever, Minoru, our test rider for the day, popped the plastic potato packet into the drink holder on the bicycle, inserted the large serving of fries and set off for a culinary trip around the block. Would they survive? Or would they fall? And how would our rider hold up?

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Kids in Korea Order $250 in French Fries, Piss Off Everyone at McDonald’s and on the Internet

It happened again! Yet another “large order” at McDonald’s has caused controversy on the Internet. This time, a group of young people in Korea gathered at their local McDonald’s restaurant and ordered an obscene amount of french fries. These kids could be described as mischievous or simply hungry, but either way the end result of their fry ordering rampage was a row of tables filled with greasy fried potatoes that cost 270,000 won (US$250) in total. After witnessing the mound of french fries in his store, a McDonald’s worker decided he had had enough of these shenanigans and told the kids, “Stop causing trouble, you brats! Get out of here!”

As it turns out, a majority of the Internet supports the McDonald’s worker’s harsh words.

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McD’s “Miami Fries”, Only in Italia! We Went to Have a Taste

They don’t mess around in Italy. Next to the regular french fries on the McDonald’s menu, you’ll find Miami Fries. Customers regularly substitute these fries with the combo sets. Read More