If you’re a fan of Japanese manga, you may be familiar with the comic magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” (“Shukan Shonen Jump in Japanese”), one of the longest running and most widely read comic magazines in Japan. Well, you might be interested to know that a mystery countdown has been going on the magazine’s website, and until recently, the page showing the countdown contained just a short Japanese phrase (“最強、始動” which roughly translates to “The Truly Mighty are Getting Ready for Action” ) followed by the letter D covering the page.

We were all left wondering what this was about, but a slight change in the page was observed on July 10th, which may have given us a big hint. The page looks almost the same as before, but now, after the letter D covers the screen, a foggy white silhouette in the shape of a dragon appears – and the dragon looks suspiciously familiar. Yes, it definitely looks like Shenron, the dragon god from the hugely popular manga and anime, Dragon Ball.

So, does the “D” stand for Dragon Ball? And does this mean the legendary manga will be making a come back on Weekly Shonen Jump? If that really is the case, it would be big news for fans not only in Japan but around the world. In any case, according to the countdown site, details are to be revealed in the edition of Shonen Jump coming out on July 14th, so we’ll find out the truth soon enough.

Oh, and just another piece of information for Dragon Ball fans – there’s apparently a page within the Toei Animation website with the URL: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/movie/2013_dragonballz/. Although the page is currently blank, the URL suggests that they are planning to release a Dragon Ball anime movie in 2013. We’ll have to wait for news on that as well!

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump website via ITmedia