These designs that combine Nike sneakers with Dragon Ball look so cool, it’s hard to believe they’re not actual products!

Dragon Ball fans may have heard the buzz that global sports brand adidas will be coming out with a line of adidas x Dragon Ball Z sneakers in the fall this year.

Well, it seems U.K. based designer and “sneakerhead” Walsh Design wasn’t exactly impressed with the recently-leaked images of the new collaborative line, and he decided to create some images of his own, showing what a collaboration between the internationally popular anime/manga franchise and the Nike brand could look like.

Lucky for us, Walsh Design shared the images on his Instagram account, and they’re a delight to look at! Let’s see how he’s turned many of the familiar characters into Nike sneakers.

▼ Here’s Shenron, whose magic presence allows the dragon balls
to grant your wishes, reimagined as a Nike Vapormax model.

▼ Master Roshi’s trademark orange and purple colors are
looking spiffy as a pair of Nike’s signature running shoes.

▼ The villains are represented too.
Here’s Freiza looking cool as an Airmax 95.

▼ And Freiza’s brother, Cooler,
is redesigned here as a bold-looking Airmax 96.

▼ Cell gets a reinvention too, as an Airmax 180 with
the same distinct coloring as the patterns on his body.

▼ The bubbly pink color of Majin Buu is shown off
to its advantage here as an Airmax 98 model.

▼ Of course, the Z warriors are represented too.
Future Trunks looks suave here as an Airmax 97.

▼ Piccolo’s signature green and purple coloring
looks dashing as an Airmax 93 model.

▼ Gohan’s unleashed powers shine through as an Airmax 90, with the purple from
the costume he shares with Piccolo and the golden-yellow of his Super Saiyan hair.

▼ Vegeta, the proud prince of the Saiyans, is redesigned as an Airmax Tuned
with coloring to match his early blue and gold fighting armor.

▼ Bulma, the genius who made it possible to search for the Dragon Balls
with her Dragon Radar, is as cute as ever as an Epic React model.

▼ And last but not least, we have our hero, Goku, as the Arirmax 1.
Because, well, he’s the one and only Son Goku!

▼ Walsh Design even has a poster showcasing all of the models he designed.

You can check out more of Walsh Design’s artwork on his Instagram page, and if you like the poster, it’s one of the items you can purchase on his Maxair website.

After seeing these designs, we’re sure we’re not the only ones wishing they were actual products for sale. Shenron, do you think you can make these sneakers happen for us? Although I suppose in the meantime these official PlayStation-themed Nike shoes will do the job fine.

Source: Instagram/walshdesign, TAXI
Featured image: Instagram/walshdesign