On 18 July, a ramen shop in Nipponbashi, Tokyo called Bee Hive Genki no Moto had introduced a novel chilled ramen that’s equally cooling to the eyes, ears, and stomach – perhaps even the life.

It’s called “Lina Blue Cooled Ramen” invoking a laid back Jimmy Buffet kind of vibe. Also its appearance conjures up memories of blue freezies and ice pops using the same coloring agent as Gari-Gari brand ice pops which has been getting some press for its possible anti-aging effects.

Lina Blue is an industry name for Pycocyanin which is a chemical extracted from the algea, spirulina that this ramen shop had been working with for a while but only now developed into a cool looking, cool tasting soup.

Spirulina was previously determined to have little to no nutritional value but recently is seen to have some anti-oxidizing effects.  There’s no hard evidence as of yet, but since it’s long been deemed safe for consumption – no harm no foul.

One thing’s for sure, this ramen will fight this summer’s ridiculous heat even before it hits your tongue.  Bee Hive Genki no Moto is selling it for the summer only at 850yen (US$10) a bowl.

Source: Oricon Gourmet (Japanese)