Nissin Cup Noodles are outrageously popular in Japan and have a firm following worldwide. Now, to keep the love flowing throughout the hot summer months, they’ve released a new special version designed to be eaten icy cold. For the first time, the company will be releasing somen, the thinnest of traditional Japanese noodles, for a meal so light and tasty you’ll be wanting to eat them all year!

Set to hit shelves on July 7, a date that noodle manufacturers have dubbed “Somen Day”, the new packaging features the cooling images of a snow-capped Mt Fuji and a traditional boat ploughing through blue waves. With clam, konbu seaweed and shiitake mushroom flavours added to a chicken soup base accented with hints of ginger, you’ll be getting a taste of Japan with every slurp.



Of course, somen can be enjoyed hot, but for a true Japanese summer experience, you’ll need to add ice. Simply add boiling water to three centimetres below the inner line, stir for thirty seconds and then let stand for two and a half minutes. After that, add ice, stir and it’s ready to enjoy!


This meal comes cheap, at 170 yen (US$1.67) a pop. Aimed at bringing a piece of traditional Japan to the instant food industry, we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these this summer!

Source: Entabe
Images: Nissin Group