This hilarious kitty even blocks the remote control sensor on the fan to ensure he retains control over the household.

Suzumaro the cat has gained quite a following in Japan for the amusing way he claims ownership over the people and things around. Whether he’s sitting in a child’s chair, or resting his body on food and tissue boxes around the house, Suzumaro is the true master of his domain, and now that it’s heating up in summer, it’s time for the cat to lay claim on another coveted item: the electric fan.

Proving he can control the machine that controls the temperature, Suzumaro doesn’t just lay an idle paw on the fan; instead he stretches his forearm out over its base entirely. In fact, the cat was discovered in this position after it’s owner had been trying to use the remote controller on the fan and found it wasn’t working. Taking a look to see why the controller wasn’t registering with the machine, the cause of the problem became evident. Suzumaro was covering the sensor on the machine.

Not only had the cat effectively thwarted its owner’s plans to adjust the setting on the fan, he also dished it out with a hilarious don’t-mess-with-me expression. And it’s not the only time this has happened, with the cheeky kitty controlling the fan again a couple of weeks later, placing its paw directly over the sensor, while sitting on a box of peaches that the owner had wanted to open.

The owner, who goes by the Twitter handle @kokesukepapa, is used to putting up with this sort of treatment from Suzumaro, with the cat often laying claim to his laptop…

…and his collection of manga.

The cute cat’s cheeky antics have been cracking everyone up on Twitter, with users leaving comments like:

“Suzumaro is the definition of a cool cat!”
“Everyone in the house must have to wait for him to go to sleep before they can get anything done!”
“That facial expression is just too much!”
“In his mind he’s probably saying, ‘You will not cross!'”
“Is there a person hiding inside this cat?”

While the cat does like to plant himself on top of all the things, sometimes he does it with a sweet face too. To find out what other things he owns around the house, stop by his Twitter account for all the cute details!

Source: BUZZmag
Top Image: Twitter/@kokesukepapa