Customers will be able to create their own supercooled Kit Kats using ingredients like marshmallows and pretzels at the new “Below Freezing Chocolatory” pop-up store in Tokyo.

Nestlé Japan currently has eight Kit Kat Chocolatory boutique stores around the country, all dedicated to selling seasonal varieties and high-quality, premium ranges of Kit Kats in classy-looking packaging. This summer, they’re opening a new Chocolatory branch for a limited time, with a pop-up store in Tokyo’s trendy Daikanyama district open for twelve days only, offering some spectacular new experiences and items for customers to enjoy.

▼ The new “Kit Kat Chocolatory Wonderland”, marketed as the “Below Freezing Chocolatory”, promises to be one of the best places to chill out this summer.


At the head of the new boutique store is renowned Japanese patissier Yasumasa Takagi, who oversees the country’s Chocolatory stores and is known for creating many of the brand’s most innovative new releases, including the spectacular baked Kit Kat back in 2014. This time, Takagi is taking the brand into much cooler territory, with the first-ever release of the “Minus-196 Degrees Celsius” Kit Kat, which uses liquid nitrogen to cool the chocolate instantly, giving the wafer bars a deliciously cool, crisp, crunchy texture.

▼ The mastermind behind many a Kit Kat creation is patissier Yasumasa Takagi.


At the new “Below Freezing Chocolatory”, it’s not just any old Kit Kat that gets the supercool treatment; Takagi has chosen the “Moleson” Kit Kat as the model for the new experience. Released earlier this year, the Moleson is modelled on popular European “mendiant” confections, which are chocolate discs topped with dried fruits and nuts.


The Moleson is just the tip of the iceberg here, as customers who visit the store will be able to create their own Kit Kats by choosing three out of 20 available ingredients to use as toppings, along with a choice of dessert sauces, which staff will then construct, in the Moleson style, before cooling the creations in liquid nitrogen.

▼ Some suggested chocolates include “Pineapple, Coconut, and Mint“…

 Kit Kat

▼ …and “Caramel Popcorn, Marshmallow and Pretzel” flavours.

Kit Kat 2

While the personalised “Minus-196 Degrees Celsius” Kit Kats will be limited for sale only at the pop-up store, other Chocolatory boutiques around the country will be making two new additions to their “Sublime” premium chocolate range, designed to be stored in the freezer and eaten while frozen to enjoy the sweet and bitter taste of acidic fruits in summer.

▼ The “Tasty in Frozen” varieties come in two flavours: Passionfruit and Raspberry.



Visitors to the “Kit Kat Chocolatory Wonderland Store” will be able to receive picture books detailing the chocolate-making process, and can enjoy tastings of raw ingredients, including 100 percent chocolate pieces. There’ll also be a special photo booth area where customers can take commemorative photos of themselves enjoying the limited-edition “Minus-196 Degrees Celsius” Kit Kats in-store. If you’re in the area from 5 – 16 August, be sure to step inside and check it out!


Store Information
Kit Kat Chocolatory Wonderland/キットカット ショコラトリー ワンダーランド
Addrress: Daikanyama T-SITE Garden Gallery, Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Sarugakucho 16-15
Daikanyama T-SITE Garden Gallery, 東京都渋谷区猿楽町16-15
Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (5-11 August and 14 – 15 August); 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (12-13 August); 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (16 August)

Source, Images: PR Times