The art of goldfish exhibiting can be fully appreciated at this Art Aquarium and Night Aquarium Exhibit called Edo Cooling Goldfish. Sponsored by Diners Card and running from August 17th (Friday) till September 24th (Monday) at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, the exhibit consists of artfully arranged aquariums where, the stars of this display, the kingyo, or goldfish, swim around demonstrating their own beauty, as well as being part of an intricate art presentation never seen before.

You have never, and may never again, see so many kingyo in one place at one time!

Mr. Hidetomo Kimura, the art aquarium producer of this event went all out, taking the familiar Japanese summer motif of kingyo to its highest limits!  Kingyo, are a customary part of the Japanese summer.  Any summer festival would be incomplete without at least one kingyo sukui stall, where you try your hand at goldfish scooping, with a paper scooper, a popular game for kids as well as adults.  Kingyo appear as designs adorning uchiwa, hand-held fans, yukata, the summer kimono, children’s toys, as well as decorations for carvings and lacquer ware.  Kingyo to this extent may open your eyes to a new appreciation of the goldfish.  You may never look at a kingyo in the same way again.

After the daytime hours of  11:00AM to 7:00PM the added attraction of a second part begins.

The Night Aquarium.

From 7:00PM to 11:30PM the aquarium becomes a bar, where the lights go down, music sets the mood and alcoholic beverages are served.  The entrance for both parts is 1000 yen for adults,  600 yen for Jr. high school and under, and free for 3 and under.

Here is a taste of some of the exhibits from art-aquarium-2012 , the Art Aquarium homepage promoting Hidetomo Kimura’s work which can be enjoyed both day and night:

Byoubu Aquarium

This unique exhibit has the kingyo swimming behind a screen, or byoubu.  Dubbed the Byoubrium. 

This one is the Zen Aquarium.

 A taste of Zen which can be absorbed while observing this exhibit.  Having a drink in hand at night will help.

The Oiran Aquarium

This one is the biggest of the displays with a thousand kingyo swimming around this aquarium alluding to the Oiran, or courtesans who presented themselves by parading in the street in beautiful flowing costume during the Edo period.

The Kaleidorium

A kaleidoscope of colors where kingyo appear in different colors, shapes, and sizes as they swim back and forth on the other side of the  lens-like glass.

Flower Aquarium

Beautiful flowers and delicate elegant kingyo join forces in this lovely collaboration.

The Prisrium

It would be tempting to simply sit in front of this exhibit with your mind floating through space as you gaze into these prisms filled with kingyo the whole day long!

The Andonrium

Each lantern, along with its source of light has those marvelous kingyo swimming around in them, another exhibit to gaze at mesmerized.  This art will transport you to other worlds!

Up until now Hidetomo Kimura has held exhibits in Tokyo, Roppongi Hills as well as in Kyoto and Hyogo.  This present exhibit includes the best of his work with his most recent additions going along with the ‘Edo’ theme.

The most popular of Mr. Kimura’s handiwork are screen aquarium Byoburium and the enormous Oiran Aquarium.  He doesn’t skimp on the type of kingyo either.  He uses high quality kingyo which results in the unique originality and beauty of his artwork.

If you are in the area it is definitely worth taking a look!

Source: Hatena Bookmark