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Here’s a different take on the rectangular aquariums we’ve all taken for granted.

Even though fish might not be the most affectionate pets, they still make up a huge percentage of the pet population. They are easy to care for, you can always watch what they are doing, and each person’s aquarium can be decorated to reflect the owner’s personality.

And if we were to buy these aquariums made by Japanese designer Haruka Misawa, people would think we valued sustainability, creativity and elegance.

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It’s too bad we can’t actually purchase these wonderful homes for our fish, though, as they were part of a design exhibition called Waterscape that Misawa held in Taiwan. Intended to get people to reconsider how we think about aquariums, Misawa’s creations featured interesting architecture for fish to swim through and even an air bubble where ferns could grow.

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Thanks to the clever use of buoyancy to create space with open air in the middle of the aquarium, these ferns not only make a beautiful and tranquil aquarium, but fish can feed off the plants as well.

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▼ A little video from the exhibit.

Just because fish can’t talk, doesn’t mean they can’t tell us how they appreciate the environment that they are in. And when their home looks this good, has a constant supply of food and is so elegant, they’ll have a swimmingly good time.

Source: TAXI
Images: Misawa Design Institute