South Koreans like big butts and they cannot lie, but those Japanese brothers try to deny.  That’s right. It looks like the big butt trend has finally hit this side of the Pacific.  The first nation to fall victim to a big ol’ badonkadonk: South Korea.

One of our reporters got a first-hand experience while travelling there recently, when she stumbled across a pair of padded panties designed to give you that extra junk for your trunk.

During a shopping excursion in Seoul’s Namdaemun Market, our reporter was checking out the various clothing and food shops around when tucked away in an underwear shop was something previously unheard of in Japan: panties that make your butt look bigger.

When offered a choice between the Young Miss or Mature styles she opted for Mature since it had more booty-bang for the buck.

She tried it on in a hurry.  It was kind of comfortable but felt puffy.  It also gave a kind of bulky sensation to her bottom that didn’t feel quite right.  However, when she saw how it looked in the mirror, her opinion totally turned around.

She felt her backside had become, in her words: “more plump and lovely than I imagined.”

The material was a little on the thick side though, making it a problem to rock a bubble-butt in the harsh summer months.  But she highly recommends it to anyone looking for a new look from behind.

And so, with the padded panties crossing into Japan, it’s just a matter of time before the whole country becomes one big Lil’ Jon video.

Original Article and Photos by Chami on Pouch

▼  These pants are little in the middle but they got much back.

Before (top) and After (bottom) wearing from the rear view.

▼  Before and after from the side view.