If you’re a cat lover, you must love cats’ butts too! Of course, their fluffy expressive tails too! Maybe you love them so much you just wanna hang their perky posterior on the wall of your room… all right, that sounded a bit weird. We’re not talking about hanging real cat butts on your wall. No way, that’s just creepy.

We’re talking about these adorable felted cat bums! More pictures after the jump!

Just a couple of months ago, we shared about some realistic looking needle felted cats that could instantly make your interior space look super cosy just by sitting or lazing about in a corner. Now we found something for your walls!

These adorable bums were created by Popolare, an accessory maker who runs her own shop retailing natural gemstones. She makes accessories using gemstones for her store, but likes to explore different forms of handicraft in her free time. Her webstore on Minne.com, a retail website for handmade goods (something like Japan’s version of Etsy), is where she puts up her hobby masterpieces.

▼ Looks like a cat jumped through a magic frame and its squishy bum got stuck.



▼ This is what it looks like from the top.



▼ The rounded bum from a lower angle.

▼ And this is how it looks from the side.

▼ Butt overload!

She made these interestingly framed felted bottoms in three designs, each measuring about 12.8cm tall (including the tail) by 7.5cm wide, and released them on her retail space on Minne, Popolare’s Gallery, on June 21. The unique interior items immediately caught the eyes of cat lovers, and all three designs were sold out in a flash!

Unfortunately, these kitty bumbums aren’t available for purchase anymore, but being the cat lover that she is, it might not be long before the talented Popolare puts up new feline handicrafts on her store! To get the most up-to-date store information, follow Popolare on Twitter!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Minne