Crazy huge Pokémon Piplup plushie is even bigger than its canon game/anime size【Photos】

If bigger is better, this might just be the best Piplup ever.

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Huge life-size Slowpoke Pokémon plushie wants to hang out in your home, but you have to act fast

Lovably laid-back Pocket Monster is only available for a limited time.

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Is the six-foot long Subway Sub coming to Japan?

All signs point to yes!!!

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Sony announces mammoth 6.5-inch smart phone: the Xperia Z Ultra

They may be a little cumbersome compared to the average mobile, but ultra-large smart phones — or ‘phablets’ as many are calling them — are most definitely on the rise in Asia, whether trendsetter Apple is on board or not. Samsung’s stylus-toting Galaxy Note II has already become a firm favourite with those who require a device offering greater ease of use than a regular smart phone but with more portability than a tablet, and competitors from Huawei and Asus aren’t far behind. And now it looks like Sony is set to come out all guns blazing with its giant Xperia Z Ultra, the latest in the Japanese electronics giant’s line of mobile devices and its first foray into the phablet scene. Oh and did we mention that it’s completely waterproof?

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Korean Baby Got Back for About Twenty Bucks at the Market

South Koreans like big butts and they cannot lie, but those Japanese brothers try to deny.  That’s right. It looks like the big butt trend has finally hit this side of the Pacific.  The first nation to fall victim to a big ol’ badonkadonk: South Korea.

One of our reporters got a first-hand experience while travelling there recently, when she stumbled across a pair of padded panties designed to give you that extra junk for your trunk.

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