Alright guys, brace yourselves because I’m going to lay a big one on you: women masturbate (rumor has it they burp and pass gas too, but researchers still lack conclusive evidence).

While masturbation is nothing to be ashamed about, it can still be a touchy subject for many women. However, in Japan, perceptions toward female masturbation have changed greatly over the past 5-10 years as an increasing number of women are beginning to feel comfortable talking about the subject openly.

“Traditionally, whenever a female patient would come in with a problem like having a sex toy get stuck, hospital staff would look at them coldly,” Dr. Ikuko Ikeshita of Ikeshita Ladies’ Clinic told Japanese web magazine ZakZak. “Now people realize that it’s just something that happens.”

Dr. Ikeshita says that over the past few years, there has been a movement to do away with the stigma surrounding female masturbation in Japan, pointing to the increase in websites discussing female sexuality and stores selling female sex goods.

LOVE JOULE, a bar that opened in Tokyo’s Shibuya district this July, hopes to become the symbol of this trend by providing women and couples with an environment where they can feel comfortable talking about what turns them on.

The shelves behind the bar counter are stocked with over 50 different kinds of female sex toys to help get patrons in the mood—after all, what else could you possibly talk about when you’re staring at a wall of dildos?

“Customers are happy that they have a place they can start talking about masturbation from the moment they sit down,” says LOVE JOULE manager, Megu. “Many people still see female masturbation as a ‘Pandora’s Box.’ It’s not something you can easily talk about at regular bars.”

Since its opening, LOVE JOULE has also become popular with women working in the sex and porn industry, who come to unwind and speak openly about their trade.

But before you horndogs schedule a night of rousing discourse on female masturbation into your next bar-hopping tour, be warned that men are not permitted inside LOVE JOULE unless accompanied by a female partner.

And if you are a female looking for some healthy conversation with like-minded ladies, why not stop beating around the bush and choose LOVE JOULE for your next night on the town?

Source: LOVE JOULE, ZakZak

LOVE JOULE Information
Address: 1-17-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo
Access: 7 minutes walking from Shibuya Station
Tel: 03-3461-1792
Hours: 19:00-24:00, Closed Mon, Sun & Holidays
※Women and couples only