Japanese anime production studio Khara wants to make sure you’re excited for the upcoming Evangelion: 3.0 movie and they’re proving their sincerity by serving you the Third Angel Sachiel’s head on a platter.

Actually the fourth in a series of Evangelion cake sets from Bandai’s anime-themed sweets shop, Chara Shoku, this Sachiel cake is made from chocolate sponge cake covered with white chocolate icing and filled with chocolate mousse over a thin layer of sweet raspberry sauce.

The cake costs 4,410 yen ($56) and comes with a Asuka PVC figure and a handcrafted metal Spear of Longinus “fork” so you can rip open the defenseless Angel and devour its S² organ.

The cake is available in limited quantities and is currently up for online preorder via the product website. All three of the previous cakes (see below) sold out rather quickly so you may want to place your order fast. The cake will ship sometime in mid to late-December, just in time for a very Eva Christmas.

Like all the other cool Evangelion stuff, delivery is limited to Japan only.

Source: Chara Shoku

▼ The Fork of Longinus

▼ White chocolate mango mousse moon cake + Kaworu & Spear of Longinus fork

▼ Sachiel chocolate roll cake + Asuka & Progressive Knife…knife

▼ NERV Headquarters chocolate cake + Rei & Spear of Longinus fork