Much has been made about a female masturbation bar that recently opened in Tokyo.  But looking at their gun racks of state-of-the-art self-pleasuring technology, one has to wonder if the inequality has swung the other way.

Despite all the advances made in pleasuring devices made for women, guys are still left with pool jets, central vacuum outlets and socks.  Well fellas, there are some companies looking out for you too.

Tenga is one such designer, devoted to cutting down more morning wood than an Amazonian rainforest logging contractor.  In fact their efforts have earned them their own fan-based independently made comic series, otherwise known as dōjinshi.  Behold the future of masturbation.  Behold Tenga Hero.

Before getting into the comic, here’s some background on Tenga.  They are the designers of adult goods such as the “Deep Throat Cup.”  Looking like a bottle of hair gel, this is said to be a cutting edge pleasure tube the likes of which has never been seen.

It comes in fourteen varieties divided into four categories. However a surprisingly wide range of designer models are also available.

The basic line-up with five different sensations, it’s the standard set recommended for the first timer.

Like the standard devices but for those with extra sensitive, erm, skin.

As you might have guessed, this is the opposite of the “white” series and packs more punch than its counterpart.

A larger version of the standard models.

Here’s what’s going on inside the tubes.

The diagram kind of looks like a pencil sharpener to me but in fact this company has won awards for its design and its products have been recommended in clinical trials for sexual dysfunctions.

It must be good, as someone was inspired to draw their own dōjinshi based on the Deep Throat Cup series of devices entitled Tenga Hero.

In it we follow the exploits of three heroes; hot-blooded leader Mamoru Akai (Tenga Red) whose rash actions often land himself in trouble; dark knight Yoshio Kurakawa (Tenga Black) an urban guardian with mystical powers, and the strongest but silent Roy Hakusan (Tenga White).

Together they protect Tenga Eggs and each other from evil bottles of Pepe lube who like to drip candle wax and – well – insert their lube into the Tenga team.

So rest easy men, there’s no longer need to resort to messy apple pies and expensive real dolls. Tenga Hero is now.

Source: D-Stage via Akiba Blog via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
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Images: Amazon, D-Stage

Commercial for Tenga Eggs

Pepe Lotion

Some Samples of Tenga Hero