Condiment is part of company’s salute to people who just moved out of their parent’s houses and can now do whatever they want to their bodies.

Many would argue that self-pleasuring, as one of mankind’s oldest pastimes, is a perfectly healthy activity. Fewer, though, would argue that it’s particularly appetizing, in the literal “makes you hungry for food” meaning of the word.

That hasn’t stopped Tenga, maker of Japan’s most popular masturbatory aids, from dabbling in foodstuffs, however. Back in February, they released a line of Tenga chocolates, and now the company has unveiled its newest innovation: Tenga Furikake rice topping.

Thankfully, furikake is not a creamy condiment, but rather a powdered one, with common ingredients in non-Tenga varieties being dried bits of egg, fish, or plum. You’ll also be happy to know that nothing that comes out of enthusiastic Tenga users goes into the Tenga Furikake. Instead, it’s made with oysters and garlic, the latter being especially renowned in Japan for its purported ability to promote arousal and help a man’s stamina in the bedroom.

However, while normal furikake is sold in every grocery store in Japan, the Tenga Furikake isn’t available for direct purchase. Instead, 100 bottles of it will be given away to customers who buy the new Premium Tenga Premium Freshers Cup, then scan the included QR code with their smartphone to enter to win the supposedly sexually stimulating rice topping.

In Japan, “freshers” is a term used to describe first-year company employees, and the Premium Freshers Cup was designed as a congratulatory salute to all the young men in Japan who’ll be starting full-time adult jobs in April when the Japanese business year begins, and whose newly obtained financial independence will allow them to move out of their parents’ houses, get a place of their own where they can enjoy a level of privacy that lets them masturbate to their heart’s content.

▼ The Premium Freshers Cup is priced at a budget-friendly 810 yen (US$7.30), 108 yen less than the standard Premium Tenga, and comes adorned with active, auspicious phrases such as “new beginning,” “spring into the new you,” and “do it!”

The giveaway campaign is going on until May 31, and is open to applicants 18 and over (excepting current high school students).

With its mixture of garlic and oysters, as well as ginger and egg, the Tenga Furikake actually sounds like a pretty appealing mixture even if you’re more interested in filling your stomach than stiffening your manhood. It’s important to point out, though, that while the bottle the Tenga Furikake comes is decorated with stripes similar to those of the company’s primary product, the container doesn’t look particularly large, so you’ll want to avoid using it like a regular Tenga once you’ve eaten all its contents (unless you use regular Tengas to honor your dead wife like this Japanese grandfather does).

Source: Tenga (1, 2) via IT Media
Images: Tenga
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