I think I’ve just found my new favourite YouTube channel.

Thanks to a tip-off from an awesome RocketNews24 reader, I’ve discovered Eclectic Method; audio-visual remix masters and providers of horribly funky beats, whether the sampled videos were intended for musical enjoyment or not.

The video that pulled me in, however, was the group’s fantastic Japanese TV commercial remix…

The video features dozens of well known brands and celebrities from Japanese television, and provides an almost hypnotic beat that I simply can’t get out of my head.

Comprised of Japanese commercials featuring pop group Arashi, Softbank mobile’s “White family”, Stride Stripe chewing gum, Kewpie mayonnaise, alcoholic lemon drink Chu-hai and many more, it’s a veritable feast for the eyes and ears of any Japanophile. It will also melt your brain if you watch it for too long without blinking.

 ▼Two members of Arashi get heated about mobile phones

▼The head of Softbank Mobile’s fictional “White Family” is an adorable white Hokkaido breed of dog

The makers of the video, Eclectic Method, first came together in 2001, and have produced original work for the likes of New Line Cinema and U2.

In a statement on the group’s Facebook page, co-founder Jonny Wilson explains what they’re all about:

“We can take films and zeitgeist moments, like President Obama singing or a crazy new Charlie Sheen interview, and put it out there right away in music form.”

The group’s other work includes the musicalization of the aforementioned Obama VS Romney debate, laugh-out-loud Charlie Sheen interview remix as well as a tribute to acting legend Bill Murray and a collection of 8-bit videogame classics. You can confuse your brain by checking out Eclectic Method’s YouTube channel here.

For the rest of you, I’ll leave you with perhaps my favourite Softbank Mobile commercial ever. It has everything; love, tears, a snippet of lovely actress Ueto Aya at the end and, of course, the canine head of the family in: “Will you join my Family Discount Plan?”


Source / images: Eclectic Method’s CM Mashup on Youtube