Pokémaniacs, ready your credit cards because Amazon Japan launched their Pokémon Store, a special page dedicated to the sale of all things Pokémon, on October 17.

In addition to bundling all of the website’s Pokémon merch into one place, the store also stocks limited edition Pokémon Center goods, saving them the trip to one of the seven physical locations around Japan.

There are currently over 10,000 Pokémon-related items in total, including a life-sized Pikachu plushie (below) and a few selections from the I Love Eevee merchandise series.

You can check what’s for sale here, but you’ll need a physical address in Japan if you want to place an order. If only PCs had item storage technology like in the games…

Source: Amazon.jp. Famitsu

▼They’re happy because they qualified for Free PokéSaver Shipping