Only available in very limited numbers, these goods are worth skipping sleep for.

Pokémon Sleep fans in Japan set their alarms early on 4 June, because that’s when Family Mart’s first-ever tie-up with the game debuted in stores. 

Called the Pokémon Sleep Campaign, this new collaboration includes a variety of exclusive new goods, starting with a special drink called the “Pine Frappe“, which is made with golden pineapples from the Philippines.

▼ The Pine Frappes retail for 298 yen (US$1.90) each.

The new drinks come in cups that feature Pikachu in either the Droopy-Eared Sleep style or the Atop-Belly Sleep style, on Snorlax. We opted for the Atop-Belly Sleep cup, because why settle for just one Pokémon when you can go home with two?

The frappes are delicious and refreshing, with a strong pineapple flavour and jelly pieces adding a jiggly texture. This texture is one that the campaign is keen to promote, because anyone who purchases two of the jelly pouch drinks below will receive…

…a Pokémon Sleep scented paper charm!

There are five of character charms to collect — Pikachu, Snorlax, Togepi, Slowpoke, and Eevee — each with a different scent, so be prepared to stock up on those jelly drinks. Another thing you won’t want to miss is the Convenience Wear section, where you’ll find two exclusive items.

These Pokémon Sleep items are the first of their kind to ever appear in a convenience store, and they’re priced at 2,000 yen each.

▼ The Mini Blanket measures 66 by 44 centimetres (26 by 17 inches), and features a “life-sized Pikachu”in the Curled-up Sleep style.

▼ Setting it up beside an iPhone SE shows that it really is a life-sized Pikachu!

▼ Soft and gentle to the touch, we can’t think of a better Pokémon Sleep companion.

Unless, of course, you have the Towel in Pouch, because that will give you a handy towel as well as Pikachu, on a snoozing Snorlax!

The pieces here are removable so you can use it in three different ways — as a standalone pouch, a standalone towel, or a towel-in-pouch set.

▼ The towel measures 23 by 23 centimetres (9 by 9 inches) while the pouch itself measures 15 by 19 centimetres.

These special items are absolutely gorgeous, and super rare, as the Mini Blanket is only limited to 20,000 pieces nationwide, while the Towel in Pouch is limited to 18,000 pieces, making them difficult to obtain. Plus, they’re not available at all Family Mart branches, so you might have to visit a few before you find them, but as Pokémon lovers will know, the hunt is part of the adventure!

Rare goods like these won’t last long, so be sure to start your adventure as soon as you can to avoid missing out. It’s a collaboration worth skipping sleep for!

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