Pikachu even made an appearance in-store in Japan for the long-awaited release!

Just last month, Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo revealed the results of their 2019 Global T-Shirt Design Competition, which netted a record 18,000 entries from people in over 40 countries, all based around a Pokémon theme.

After a scandal that saw the winning design being disqualified and pulled from the 24-piece range, the Pokémon UT T-shirt collection finally went on sale online and at stores today. And to help celebrate, Pikachu was sighted at one of Uniqlo’s main stores in Japan.

People have been gushing about how gorgeous the designs are in real life, and with so many designs to choose from, people are having a hard time settling on just one purchase.

Anticipating huge demand for the new collaboration, stores were fully stocked today for the new release.


▼ Some people were thrilled to snare some of the brighter T-shirts in the range…


▼ While others were happy with the simpler designs.


▼ Others opted for the gorgeous Japanese-inspired images…

▼ And others chose the shirt that gets them the most Pokémon for their yen.


▼ This sharp customer showed how to turn one shirt into a lewk with the simple addition of a jacket.

Despite high stock levels, many of the designs have already sold out in all sizes. One of the first to sell out was the Metamon Soda T-shirt, which is so beloved it even has its own fan art.

▼ There was just one small size left at this store this afternoon.


More fan art has been appearing in honour of the collection, with the sold-out Gengar release also getting some love…

▼ Along with the Jigglypuff design…

▼ And Unown.

The Uniqlo Pokémon T-shirts haven’t even been on sale for 24 hours and already fans are desperately trying to get their hands on some of the sold-out designs.

With prices starting at 990 yen (US$9.22) for the kids’ sizes, and going up to 1,500 yen for adults, it’s easy to see why the affordable limited-edition range has quickly become so popular. If you were one of the many who sadly missed out on snaring their favourite design today, don’t despair – there are 151 Pokémon dress shirts coming to the U.S., Europe, and eventually the rest of the world soon.

Source: Twitter/#ポケモンTシャツ
Featured image: Twitter/@namako_plum
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