With Halloween just around the corner many people are looking around for those finishing touches on their costumes.  And what better accoutrement to your costume is there than an open sore or gaping wound?

However, store bought injuries can be cumbersome and might not look the way you want.  And while injuring yourself with a butcher’s knife is an economically sound idea it could seriously hamper your day to day activities.

So let us show you a safe way to make your own realistic wounds using ordinary household items! Just follow our multimedia guide on wounding yourself and get yourself some markers and glue.


 Washable Markers (red, pink, orange, brown, ocher (sandy yellow), black)
 Clear Glue

Step 1
First, fill in the area you want to wound with a red marker.  Then give your wound some depth using the other colors. The darker the color, the deeper the cut, so make a nice gradient going from the outside in, light to dark.

Step 2
Using slightly wet brush or cotton swab blend the colors together more smoothly to give it a natural appearance.

Step 3
Put a little clear glue over the colored area and let it sit to dry.

*This is the key to making a good wound. The shine of the glue gives the appearance of wet blood while the dried edges look like peeled skin for an all-around nice fresh injury.*

Step 4
When the glue is partly dry, pick at it a little bit with a cotton swab or toothpick to get the peeling skin effect.

And that’s it! It’s easy and yet pretty realistic looking.

You can remove it easily with some soap.  If you happen to get a tingling sensation, don’t worry.  It’s just the glue tightening as it dries.

So give it a try this Halloween.  Happy maiming!

Photos and Original Article by Mogumi Osaka on Pouch

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