A woman from the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina has sold her virginity online, with a Japanese national winning the auction.

The sale has caused outrage online, with many arguing that the the deal amounts to little more than prostitution, but the woman, who has grand plans for the money, thinks otherwise…

The winner of the auction, an as-yet unidentified Japanese man going by the name of “Natsu”, paid an incredible 62 million yen (US$780,000) for the 20-year-old student’s virginity, outbidding several other men including three Americans, an Australian and an Indian bidder.

Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old student, advertised herself on controversial Australian website Virgins Wanted where a bidding war quickly started, culminating in the enormous figure.

▼The website auctions both men’s and women’s virginity across the globe

The website, which sees users present themselves in video format in order to appeal to potential bidders, has been thrown into the spotlight thanks to the sale of Catarina’s virginity, which is by far the biggest the site has seen to date.

Here we can see the video that attracted so many of  Catrina’s bidders, including the mysterious Japanese buyer.

Come on, who wouldn’t want to pay an enormous sum of money to sleep with this woman!? Just look at the things she can do!

▼She can read books, even if she is maybe a little far-sighted…

▼Stand in front of a piano!

▼Listen to music on a bed! Next to a hat!

▼And spin around on a beach like a child who’s had too much chocolate!

While internet users across the world are quick to suggest that this is little more than prostitution, Catarina argues that she has pure intentions for sleeping with a man for money, and claims that she will use the money to help build homes for impoverished families in her home state, Santa Catarina. While I can’t speak for the entire RocketNews24 team, this writer at least will be waiting with baited breath to see the effect of Catarina’s generous spending…

Unfortunately, not every virgin on the site has managed to reap such incredible monetary rewards. This poor old chap went for just $3,000…

Bad luck, Alexander. Maybe dye your hair black and pretend to be a virgin again next year!

What do you say, guys? Do the ends justify the means? If a person decides to make a little money to put towards a good cause, but has to sell themselves off in the process, is it OK? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Sponichi Annex Images / video: Virgins Wanted