Woman attempting suicide in Tokyo has life saved by 20 sumo wrestlers

Large group of gigantic men makes big difference in crisis.

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Flood victims send SOS tweets on Twitter in wake of Typhoon Hagibis

Residents trapped by rising floodwaters use special disaster hashtags to get the attention of the Self-Defence Forces.

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U.S. Marine hit by car rescuing Japanese driver from traffic accident in Okinawa, fractures skull

Local media makes no mention of father-of-three’s sacrifice, triggers angry, embarrassed reactions from Japanese nationals.

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U.S. servicemen’s hike on Mount Fuji turns into rescue mission, netizens are awed and grateful

The Marine Corps members carried an ill woman for two miles to safety. Read More

Quick action by station attendant stops attempted suicide just in the nick of time【Video】

One man’s fast reaction saves a helpless university student from taking her life.

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Video captures man tossing baby from sinking car in China’s Hunan Province

With a lot of luck on their side, everyone made it out uninjured.

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Boy abandoned in mountains of Hokkaido is found alive and safe by Japan Self-Defense Forces

Actually, he sort of found them.

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Lack of response from police dogs latest troubling development in search for missing Japanese boy

With still no sign of the seven-year-old, some are doubting the accuracy of his parents’ account of where he was last seen.

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Japan Self-Defense Forces join search for boy abandoned by parents in Hokkaido

With no sign yet of the seven-year-old, new details have emerged about the chain of events that led to the ongoing crisis.

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Parents abandon seven-year-old son in mountains of Japan “because he wouldn’t listen”

Search for child lost in Hokkaido still ongoing.

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Cats in trouble, washing bags, and visual kei bands: What do these three things have in common?

The Japanese Twitterverse has been sharing some handy tricks for rescuing our feline friends in times of emergency.

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Traffic camera in China captures brutality of woman’s accident, humanity of her rescuers

This footage caught by a surveillance camera ought to make you cringe and smile in just over one minute.

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Puppy as loyal as Hachiko saves young owner’s life in Siberia, gets a statue

This story of a three-year-old girl surviving over a week and a half in the woods with her pet dog has taken the Japanese Internet by storm, and is sure to give you a case of the warm fuzzies.

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Single “Hebel Haus” is the only structure to defy the flooding of Japan’s Angry Demon River

Last week, we discussed the possible etymology of Kinugawa (“Angry Demon River”), which has been the scene of intense flooding in eastern Japan this month. While the overflowing river has devastated the surrounding towns and landscapes in its wake, a single building in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture has been gaining particular attention for being the only structure within sight to stand firmly in place in the face of a deluge of muddy water.

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Young man’s clever use of an umbrella saves injured kitten

We love a good rescue story, especially when it involves cute kitties! Find out who this rescuer is and why the kitten found himself stuck in a ditch after the jump!

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Singapore’s Home for Hope Campaign finds homes for shelter dogs…at IKEA!

After reading this, you’ll have even more reason to love IKEA.

Since May, IKEA and other home goods stores in Singapore have been partnering up with local animal rescue groups to raise awareness about dog adoption. To achieve this goal, IKEA has placed photo cutouts of actual shelter dogs within the sample rooms along with information about the process of adoption. The effort has proved incredibly rewarding so far, with many homeless dogs finding themselves a loving family and a brand new life. 

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South Korean TV accused of faking footage of Sewol rescue diver

Further controversy has emerged surrounding the South Korean Sewol ferry disaster, as a TV crew is accused of setting up footage of a rescue diver. Korean media reports that a member of the rescue team who was not working at the time was put in a wetsuit and drenched in water to give the appearance that he had just come back from a dive. Media crews apparently said that a dry-haired diver would not be realistic and believable enough.

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Elementary school girls rescue wheelchair-bound woman stranded on train tracks

Here’s a happy little story to start your weekend off right!

This Wednesday, a group of seven elementary school girls spotted an elderly lady trapped on a railroad crossing in Yamanashi Prefecture. Her electric-powered wheelchair had run out of power, leaving the poor woman stranded–and that’s when the brave girls sprang into action.

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Blind kitten who regained her sight through loving care is thriving one year on

One day, one ordinary person and his family found it in their hearts to take in a tiny, abandoned kitten who had lost her sight due to a bad case of conjunctivitis. They already had two dogs under their roof, which would make it difficult to keep a cat. Nevertheless, the father devoted himself to her care as she hovered between life and death, praying for the kitten’s full recovery. He didn’t intend to give the kitten a name at first, as he was worried about becoming too attached, and just called her “cat” (neko in Japanese) but somehow everyone started calling her Niko, which means something like “happy smile”.

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Japan Develops Single Passenger Silent Mini Electric Helicopters, Travels at 100km/h (62mph)

Every once in a while a story comes along about a flying car or helicopter that fits in a briefcase, but they always disappear into the ether never coming to fruition.  It’s understandable since everyone having their own mass produced flying machine would be a safety and law enforcement nightmare.

This time, however, Hirobo in Hiroshima Prefecture may be rolling out a personal helicopter that will actually get off the ground.

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