Did you think coffins were only for the dead, haunted house managers, and vampires? Well apparently not! Climbing into a coffin for a few minutes is supposedly therapeutic, too! An artificial near-death experience is allegedly good for the soul, a great stress reliever and growing in popularity in China.

Karapaia Livedoor.biz, a Japanese news blog that reports oddities and adventures from around the world, decided to take a look at this special psychological therapy which is taking off in Shenyang China.

According to the Shenyang Sun’s Evening News, with the help of psychologists, up to 1,000 people have experienced breakthroughs in their mental health with this therapy at a unique psychotherapy clinic. Mr. Tan Yulong, a consultant there, says: “For patients with psychological problems this simulation of death, then rebirth into life, is helpful.”

People who take this therapy are shown into a five-meter square room with a coffin in it. They are then asked to write down their last words, after which they lie in the coffin and a white cloth is placed over their face. Finally, the lid is closed.

To make the ‘death’ experience even more realistic, a dirge is played that can even be heard from inside the closed coffin. After five minutes of ‘rest’ in the coffin, the silence is broken by a baby’s cry. The psychological consultant then opens the coffin to some bright cheery music… and there you have it! You are born again! Ahem, so you see, this rebirth gives you a whole new outlook on life!

Skeptical? Well, a 35-year-old man, Mr. Fan, who works as a business manager talked about his experience:

“I thought the things that I wanted most out of life were money and a high position. But through this therapy I learned that what I need is not to live in a mansion but to have a normal household.”

Mr. Fan tried to commit suicide four times in his past, but was stopped by family and friends each time.  Since his therapy, he has asked to be demoted and taken to helping people less fortunate than himself by taking part in different charities.  He commented further by saying,  “This therapy uses the power of suggestion, but isn’t for everyone.”  He suggests that “You don’t choose this Therapy, it chooses you.”

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, this type of therapy is also available to you.  Only here, it is not part of a clinical therapy but more of a relaxation technique.  A company that makes coffins offers the therapy in their showroom.  You can visit it and choose which coffin to spend fifteen minutes of relaxation time in.  It is also up to you whether to leave the coffin lid open or closed.  Even claustrophobes can try this technique!  Here is a video giving you the details of this service:

If you’re in need of a fresh outlook on life and feel that a psychological rebirth might be helpful, why not give the good doctor a call? If it doesn’t freak you out too much it just might do you some good. Along the same lines, if you love trying new relaxation techniques, why not give the coffin warehouse in Ukraine a try? Go for it! They will be waiting with open coffins!

Source: Karapaia Livedoor.biz