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If you need a furry friend that also doubles as an eco-friendly lawnmower, this is for you.

Japan is famous for its myriad of odd rental services, ranging from rentable girlfriends to rentable middle-aged guys to give you worldly advice to rentable hot dudes to make you cry and then wipe your tears away. But now it seems like the bizarre market of rentable things is expanding to include non-humans as well.

Online Japanese rental service DMM is now offering a rent-a-goat service, so you can hang out with a goat whenever you want

▼ Disclaimer: All goats may not appear as majestic as this one.

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Of course there is the inevitable question: Why would someone want to rent a goat? Besides the obvious birthday party guest-of-honor and last-minute prom date, what else can you actually get out of a rentable goat?

Thankfully DMM is one step ahead, with a list of reasons why someone would actually want to rent a goat: (translation below)

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● No need to use weed-killer!
Goats love to eat weeds; they’re the most eco-friendly weed-killer there is.
● Goats can clear places no machine can!
Cramped areas, steep slopes – goats will eat up grass and weeds anywhere.
● Animal therapy
Being around animals can help people de-stress and feel closer to nature.

Still think renting a goat sounds a little crazy? How about some testimonials, like the one from Urban Renaissance Agency, which employs seven goats to service the grass in several cities:

▼ “The goats eat up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of grass per day; it disappears before our eyes. They’ve cleared the grass where we needed it done and expanded the usable area.”

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And here’s a video of one of Urban Renaissance Agency’s cities, with a bunch of kindergarteners bidding their beloved goats farewell after a job well done.

With reviews like that, and prices as low as 15,000 yen (US$137) per month, I feel like we can’t afford not to rent some goats!

Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say about the rent-a-goat service:

“It’s like Goat Simulator but in real life!”
“I want one! Can I just keep it inside my apartment?”
“I hope this gets popular and I start seeing goats everywhere.”
“But what do you do with all the goat poop?”

That is an excellent question. All that DMM’s website says on the poop matter is “There are times when you will have to dispose of their waste.” Slightly ominous, so maybe we should check in with the goats at Amazon Japan’s offices to see if things have goat-ten out of hand.

Source: DMM via Hachima Kiko
Images: DMM