Crazy gadget company Thanko’s new “earphones” don’t play music, do heat your ears from the inside

Sleep aid device Mimipokka skips the tunes to focus on relaxation and destressing.

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Robotic pillow “Fufuly” by Tokyo-based company shown at CES 2023

Rise of the machine…pillows.

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Studio Ghibli releases bonsai fountains for your home

Voice-activated water gardens feature characters from My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

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We visit an awesome sauna in Tokyo that’s ladies-only on days that end in zero

Not a bad place to get your sweat on at all.

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We visit a place where you can rent a private sauna room, achieve the height of relaxation

A private, customizable space that’s all yours for up to 100 minutes!

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Crowdfunding underway for pants that don’t require underwear

Yes, technically all pants don’t require it, but these do it comfortably.

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Late night? Get a free ride home in a taxi designed for napping

Aromatherapy…a free eye mask…soothing music…a relaxing drink. This could be the best way to get home!

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De-stress and breathe easy with handy tip from Japanese vocal technique specialist

Simple hand gesture blows people away with its ability to change the way you breathe.

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Japan’s first Finnish-style sauna facility with private rooms opens in Tokyo

Avoid the big city crowds and carve out a moment for yourself in your own private sauna. 

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New Tokyo meditation studio will teach you to “be in the moment” in relaxing 30-minute sessions

We checked out downtown Tokyo’s newest mental oasis, and came away feeling better about our “lightly cloudy” selves.

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Tokyo’s new sleep-inducing “time machine” head massage parlor looks like steampunk/sci-fi day spa

If you need some time to unwind, you’ll want to make an appointment A.S.A.P.

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Meet Qoobo, the cushion-shaped therapy robot with a moving tail!【Pics, Videos】

How would you like to be soothed by a robot that looks like a furry cushion with a tail?

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Arrive tired and jet off refreshed at Korea’s First Class “healing cafe”!

A new cafe chain has taken flight in South Korea, bringing “first class” relaxation service to shopping malls with its airline concept.

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Let hot moon men lead you to the land of nod in new otome drama CDs

Can these hawt anime boys lull you to sleep, or will they keep you up all night?

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Video of Japanese cats relaxing with chill snail friend will make you feel purr-fect happiness

Do you need a one-minute escape into pure cuteness bliss? Perhaps you had a terrible day at work or a really bad hair day?

Well don’t worry; it’s going to be all right. We have the cure for your stressful day: two Japanese cats hanging out with their snail friend. These laid-back cats and their chill snail buddy are one of the most relaxing videos we’ve ever seen.

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New privacy hoods take cat naps to a whole new level

Find it difficult to sleep on a plane or during that long train ride to work? Embarrassed by the way you look when you’re in a deep sleep?
Well, look no further because the cat face mask can help you on your way to a pleasant, deep slumber. If you have the courage to wear it, that is.

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New Shampoo Bar shop in Tokyo promises you a nap, or your money back!

Do you dread that feeling of drowsiness that creeps up on you in the afternoon? Are you sick of having to fight that urge to pass out at work? Well, maybe you should consider using your mid-afternoon break not to down another cup of caffeine, but to give in and catch some z’s–at the local Shampoo Bar!

In another one of Japan’s ingenious solutions to life, the “Shampoo Specialty Shop Shampoo Bars” aim to give their clients, most of whom are frazzled salarymen and office ladies, a few minute’s respite from the chaos of work with–you guessed it–a relaxing shampoo treatment and head massage! The chain has locations in both Tokyo and Fukuoka City, and a new shop just opened last week in Tokyo’s Akasaka district. In celebration, the Akasaka branch has been offering a new menu item since June 1 which is geared especially towards all of the exhausted office workers out there: a “Shampoo Napping” course!

And here’s the best part: If you don’t manage to take a snooze, your money will be fully refunded! 

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Zen cat proves the ultimate high comes from music【Video】

Between spending all day basking in the sun and playing in boxes, there’s no doubt that the life of a cat is pretty great. And a Japanese musician has reinforced this with a recent video he uploaded of his cat achieving what looks like feline nirvana. The owner, a Tokyo-based music teacher, seems to put his cat in a trance by playing the instrument on top of the cat. Click below to view the video of the cat who could serve as an anti-drug PSA, teaching the world that the best way to get high is through music.

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China and Ukraine Offer Coffin Therapy: Climb in, Close the Lid, Five Minutes Later a New You!

Did you think coffins were only for the dead, haunted house managers, and vampires? Well apparently not! Climbing into a coffin for a few minutes is supposedly therapeutic, too! An artificial near-death experience is allegedly good for the soul, a great stress reliever and growing in popularity in China.

Karapaia, a Japanese news blog that reports oddities and adventures from around the world, decided to take a look at this special psychological therapy which is taking off in Shenyang China. Read More