There’s so much Halloween fun to be had at Baskin Robbins–whether you’re dining in, or taking out!

Halloween is a-coming, and that means it’s time for all things spooky! Baskin Robbins, which might be Japan’s favorite ice cream shop, is joining in on the fun this year with its “Okashina Okashina Halloween” celebration, in which their Halloween ice cream flavors are turned into scary creature characters!

This campaign, which will last from October 3 to 31 (just after the limited-edition Super Mario flavors disappear), is full of adorable and delicious Halloween fun. There’s even a new flavor called Funky Franken, which, as you might have guessed, is inspired by Frankenstein’s monster!

It’s made of funky green, pistachio-flavored ice cream, Baskin Robbins’ signature chocolate ice cream, and caramel ribbons and orange and black cookie pieces for a touch of Halloween colors. A single, regular-size scoop will have a suggested retail price of 390 yen (US$2.61), but this flavor will only be available until supplies last.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of other Halloween flavors making a comeback too (also for 390 yen), and these are expected to be available for the duration of the event. There’s the Witch’s Trick, which is a colorful purple, white, and red sherbet made of red apple and grape flavors. Beware, though–the colors are switched, so you’ll be in for a surprise when you take your first bite!

Next up is the Vampire’s Snack, a blood orange-flavored sherbet, with an added aroma of Grand Marnier liquer…

…and Ghost World, which is chocolate ice cream mixed with ghostly white marshmallow-flavored ice cream, graham crackers, and chocolate bits.

What’s more, Basking Robbins will also be offering a special black sugar cone throughout the celebration, which you can receive for free if you order a small or regular double cup or a triple cup of any flavors between October 3 and 31. Supplies of these cones, which will be placed upside down on your scoops like a witch’s hat, are limited, so you’ll want to stop in sooner rather than later to get one.

But that’s not all! Baskin’s sundaes are getting in on the fun too. They’ll be offering two different ones for Halloween, the first of which is the Franken Sundae, which comes with two scoops of your preferred flavors topped with a healthy spray of whipped cream, colorful candy-coated chocolate, two huge chocolate chip cookies, chocolate syrup, rainbow sprinkles, and lastly, a chocolate-covered wafer cookie that looks like Frankenstein’s monster’s screw! This funky and festive sundae has a suggested price of 700 yen.

And for those with an enormous appetite–or a bunch of friends–there’s also the Big Party Sundae. With four scoops of ice cream in your choice of flavors, a rainbow-shaped marshmallow, a black sugar cone witch’s hat, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and a whole 16-gram (0.5-ounce) bag of butter soy sauce flavored popcorn, this is the perfect blend of salty and sweet for any party or group outing. Its 1,200 yen price tag makes it highly shareable–or easy to challenge yourself with. It’s dine-in only, so be prepared to settle in!

If you want to take home a bunch of flavors for a party or just because, there are also three Halloween-decorated boxes to carry them in. First, there’s the coffin design, which looks like it’s made of rickety wood with spider webs across it.

Once you open the lid, the spooky ice cream monsters appear, along with nine tantalizing ice cream flavors.

It also comes with four zipper bags with Baskin Robbins designs on them, all for 2,620 yen for small-size cups and 3,610 for regular size.

There’s also the six-pack variety box (1,540 yen for small/2,140 for regular)…

…and the eight-pack variety box (1,960 yen for small/2,730 yen for regular), both of which come with scary-cute ice cream monster designs. For each box, you can select the flavors you want, and if you’re not sure what to pick, you can always try the flavors a Baskin Robbins employee recommended to us.

There are lots of ways to celebrate Halloween at Baskin Robbins this year, so if you want to get in the spirit, make sure to head over to your neighborhood ice cream shop before Halloween is over to partake!

Source: PR Times
Top image: Baskin Robbins
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