NHK has been running a series of panel debate shows called WISDOM which covers globally relevant issues by holding a discussion among experts from around the world.  Since 2010, they have covered a range of topics from economic crises, to Arab Spring, to bullying.

However, as of this year, they are planning on making an ambitious new addition to the program: YOU, if you’re willing.

Starting from their next episode titled “What Next for the Global Economy?” they are inviting everyone in the world to submit their opinions and suggestions for a truly global perspective on matters that affect all of us.

The next episode is scheduled to air on 26 January from 10:00pm to 11:49pm (GMT+9) on NHKBS1, Japan’s public satellite broadcasting channel.  It will also be re-aired in a condensed 49-minute form afterwards on NHK World.

Until then you can visit the Global Debate Wisdom Facebook page which seems to be the main hub of the global discussions. Here you can watch two-minute “mini-episodes” which set the stage for the main discussion later in the month.  There are also polls which you can participate and submit your own feelings.

The currently running questions are “Will you become happy and fulfilled as the global economy develops?” and “It is said that in the US, executives’ pay is 200 times more than that of average workers. How big a difference should this income gap be?”

The discussion is held in either Japanese or English.  At the moment it appears the two-minute shows are only available in Japanese online.  However, this program is still very early on and with the New Year’s holidays they may just be sluggish to get everything set up smoothly.

Even if you’re late to the facebook discussion, the producers will still be taking people’s comments via Twitter during the live broadcasts using the hashtag #nhk_wisdom.

So rather than listening to so-called “experts” who tell you what they think you should know, it’s time for you to pull up your pundit pants and give them a piece of your global minds.

Source: NHK Press Release (Japanese)
Global Debate WISDOM: Official Site, facebook (English, Japanese)