Fake Wedding Guest

Each year, fewer and fewer university students in Japan succeed in finding a full-time job before graduation. Because of low graduate employment rates, many former university students are forced to take up part-time work as they continue their quest for full-time employment.  On the bright side, there seems to be plenty of odd jobs to go around in Japan and many of them are literally odd.

We’ve already reported on “cuddle café” workers, a career censoring genitalia, and a job scouting potential vending machine locationsTake a look at three more bizarre part-time jobs in Japan that you can apply for right now.

AVWanted: Short, child-faced male

Adult video (AV) producer, Deep’s, is currently accepting applications for a role in their newest dirty flick. Nothing too unusual there until you take a look at the qualifications: Child-faced male under 160cm (5’3”) or over 160cm with a short build. Application deadline is January 17th at 7pm and filming will take place on January 18th and 25th.  Actor will be paid on the day of filming.


Balloon Advertisement

Wanted: Balloon Watcher

On the Japanese government employment agency’s online posting site, Hello Work, the Balloon Workshop Corporation is currently listing a job under the description, “Balloon Advertisement Surveillance.”  Many department stores and pachinko parlors use giant balloons to advertise their establishment.  According to the site, the Balloon Watcher job entails observing balloons to make sure they are properly inflated and in working order. Daily wages range from 5,300 yen (US $61) to 7,300 yen (US $84), depending on working hours. When the weather’s nice and sunny, this looks to be a cushy job where you can just sit back and gaze at the clouds.


Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 1.52.38 PMWanted: Fake Wedding Guest

Dairi, a wedding planning company, listed a job asking applicants to simply attend a wedding ceremony in order to liven up the atmosphere and make it appear as if there are more guests.  Part-time workers/fake wedding guests are even allowed to eat dinner and receive a wedding favor, in addition to getting paid a salary.  Not just anyone can apply (applicants are expected to possess common knowledge of society and proper manners, etc.), but for those who do qualify, 10,000 yen (US $115) to 15,000 yen (US $172) isn’t bad for dressing up, eating delicious food, and receiving a gift.


Picture source: Wikipedia
Source: Tochuo